When it Rains

Last week I felt blue, but this week…I feel the sun coming out. Here’s a quick watercolor I made while watching the DNC convention tonight.

When it rains2Fin


Wonder Woman Trailer Review


This trailer left me feeling pretty apathetic about the film. Narratively, it gives me no understanding of what is actually going on in the story. I know the who (Wonder Woman), but what is she trying to accomplish, what is the central conflict of the story? Based on the overly dramatic music and the war montages, it seems like she’s going to have something to do with WWI but other than that, I’m at an impasse.

The only other thing that the trailer may or may not be focusing on is how being a women, her gender may pose as a conflict in the film. I know this because they constantly brought up how everyone else is a man, how she hasn’t ever met a man, how she can’t just do what she wants because doesn’t she know about men?

It’s a bit disappointing that none of the other Amazon women are given a real spotlight in the trailer, despite a brief appearance by who, her mother, her lover? I’m confused.

I’m not sure if Wonder Woman and Pine’s romance (that’s what it looks like anyway) will play a central part of the film. But honestly, the trailer’s approach to their (possible) romance seems strange to me.  Are they afraid that men won’t see the film if it’s promoted as a straight war romance film (which may be why they’re not focusing on the story elements of the movie) or are they afraid that it will disenfranchise women if it’s shown as a straight forward action film? I honestly can’t tell.

Sigh, seeing this trailer just makes me want to watch Testament of Youth again.

This trailer gets 2 awkward song and dance numbers


Watch The Trailer Below:

Bonus Bit: My stream of thoughts while watching the trailer

The first words Wonder Woman says is…”you’re a man?” er…okay?

I laughed out loud when I heard the line because, how can I not? Especially with that overly dramatic music going on (man, when will super hero films get over the whole sad, overdramatic backstory phase they’re in? It’s been almost a decade since the Dark Knight and we’re still tryin’ give them tragic backstories? Not buying it.)

Also, the song sounds like the hunger games.

World War I??? I’M DOWN.

Have you never met a man before? um is that going to be an underlying theme in this movie? Really?

Also that ending? lol Wonder Women, please turn to chapter 1 in your world history book so we discuss the topic of slavery.

Conspiracy theory: Wonder Woman is actually a secret remake of Xandu. Honestly, I’d be sooo be ready for that.

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