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One of the most compelling aspects of cinema is its ability to render the human
condition, the various bonds that bring people together and dissonance that
pits them against one another. From the dynamic portrayals of friendship, the complicated pursuits of romantic dalliances, and the turmoil of family, cinema is at its best when it can take conventional relationships and convey the emotional truths, questions and realities of them.

One form of a relationship that is often rendered through cinematic lens, is of the mentor and the student, the teacher and the protégé.

The relationship has taken on many forms, such as the Pygmalion story, the rising star narrative, and the tale of the fallen athlete. Every rendition showcases the intricate power play between the mentor and the student, where admiration and influence can fortify the relationship or morph it to unrecognizable, and even deadly, ends.

The films selected for this month are a spin on this relationship, from the classic Kitty to
the modern Creed, each of these films examines the various dynamics of mentorship. Some, like All About Eve, look at how admiration exists within the boundaries of the fandom, while others like Memoirs of a Geisha take a broader approach to the concept of mentorship by examining how it is fostered and quelled by a community.

Whether your mentor is your parent, as seen in Beyond the Lights, or a friend, mentorship plays a pivotal role in how individuals develop over the course of their lives. These films offer viewers an insightful and often hard look at how the relationship exists in spectrums of class, race, gender, and culture.

Click these links to read about each movie in this month of mentorship.

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All About Eve

Memoirs of A Geisha

Beyond the Lights


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