Death to Our Parts: Art Talk

Since I’ve started posting up some of the other work I do aside from drawings and watercolors, I thought I’d do another post about a piece I made freshmen year. It’s called “Death to our Parts” and its a series of barbie dolls that I made wax molds out of. The waxes were a mixture of paraffin,bees wax and, yup crayons, the later the more contextual nature of the work. Here are some pics:



Here’s a description from my website:   For this piece I created a mold of a Barbie doll out of plaster. I then created copies of that doll with wax. Each figure has a candlewick inside it. When the dolls are lit they slowly begin to melt, losing their parts one by one.



What’s it about? I don’t know. Body image, gender, growing up (the melting crayola/ the colorful figures ) while trying to come to terms with a lot of physical, emotional and external changes.

On a side note, this is the first piece I broke down while making in college. There were a lot of tears, they were very salty, and a lot more dead dolls and parts then you see here. I despised it when I first finished it, but now that I look back at it, it’s one of my favorite pieces from freshmen year. I’m not sure how much favor that warrants it though, since I hated most of my work then anyway lol..


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