Birth of a Nation Trailer Review

Saw this trailer just now and HAD to do a trailer review.

First of all, let me just say that the music in this trailer is chilling. The pacing, the cuts, the cinematography, all of it worked so very beautifully with the trailer to evoke emotion, to move. Really well done .

Second of all, yes to Nate Parker as the lead. Saw him in Beyond the Lights last year (I think it came out then?) And he is a great actor, with the quiet glances that speak volumes, the smiles that melt hearts (okay that’s more of a personal thing but you get what I’m saying). Basically, he’s great and I’m looking forward to seeing him again in theaters.

The ending of the trailer was great as well. The change in tone, the energy in the music and even the light scenes, bright imagery of battles in the day worked to convey to the shift in mood, the change in pace and energy. It’s safe to say that I adored this trailer and I’m looking forward to seeing this one in theaters.

Also, side note, I’m so glad they named this movie birth of a nation. I hope that when I tag this post with the title, there will be something bright and good to take the name from a film that was so ugly and hateful.

This trailer gets 5 Reclaimed Dynasties 


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