Currently reading : Brown Girl Dreaming

I love this so far. I’m listening to the audiobook which is narrating the novel and it reminds me of the times my sisters and i used to sit around the kitchen table late at night while our dad told us about his childhood.

There is a gentleness to the story that’s also very moving and intimate but remote at the same time because you don’t get all the details (you never do), but the pieces put you at peace knowing that the story isn’t yours, just willing to take whatever parts of it will be given. I wrote my thoughts on goodreads of my progress so I thought I would let them here too.

Also, as I’m listening to the audiobook I’m working on an art piece. I’ll post it here when I’m (with maybe my final thoughts when I finish the book if I do while I’m drawing) as well.


Death to Our Parts: Art Talk

Since I’ve started posting up some of the other work I do aside from drawings and watercolors, I thought I’d do another post about a piece I made freshmen year. It’s called “Death to our Parts” and its a series of barbie dolls that I made wax molds out of. The waxes were a mixture of paraffin,bees wax and, yup crayons, the later the more contextual nature of the work. Here are some pics:



Here’s a description from my website:   For this piece I created a mold of a Barbie doll out of plaster. I then created copies of that doll with wax. Each figure has a candlewick inside it. When the dolls are lit they slowly begin to melt, losing their parts one by one.



What’s it about? I don’t know. Body image, gender, growing up (the melting crayola/ the colorful figures ) while trying to come to terms with a lot of physical, emotional and external changes.

On a side note, this is the first piece I broke down while making in college. There were a lot of tears, they were very salty, and a lot more dead dolls and parts then you see here. I despised it when I first finished it, but now that I look back at it, it’s one of my favorite pieces from freshmen year. I’m not sure how much favor that warrants it though, since I hated most of my work then anyway lol..

Birth of a Nation Trailer Review

Saw this trailer just now and HAD to do a trailer review.

First of all, let me just say that the music in this trailer is chilling. The pacing, the cuts, the cinematography, all of it worked so very beautifully with the trailer to evoke emotion, to move. Really well done .

Second of all, yes to Nate Parker as the lead. Saw him in Beyond the Lights last year (I think it came out then?) And he is a great actor, with the quiet glances that speak volumes, the smiles that melt hearts (okay that’s more of a personal thing but you get what I’m saying). Basically, he’s great and I’m looking forward to seeing him again in theaters.

The ending of the trailer was great as well. The change in tone, the energy in the music and even the light scenes, bright imagery of battles in the day worked to convey to the shift in mood, the change in pace and energy. It’s safe to say that I adored this trailer and I’m looking forward to seeing this one in theaters.

Also, side note, I’m so glad they named this movie birth of a nation. I hope that when I tag this post with the title, there will be something bright and good to take the name from a film that was so ugly and hateful.

This trailer gets 5 Reclaimed Dynasties