Final Fantasy XV Trailer Review

So last night Square Enix had their uncovered FFXV event where they showcased all the things that will exist within the realm of FFXV.

I have to say though I enjoyed all the stuff they showed about the movie and the anime, and even the tidbit about the demo, really it was the trailer that stole the show.

I’ve watched it now countless times and I’m still in awe, still moved by just how well crafted it is. 

From the pacing, the the score, to Florence Welsh’s captivating rendition of Ben E. King’s Stand By me, to the voice acting in both the English and the Japanese version, what worked the best about the trailer was how moving it was. 

This trailer is emotional. It’s not just hey look at all these epic boss fights and combat, it’s characters, its relationships and its a hint of a journey. Regis’ narration, his letter essentially to his son (Notics) has so much feeling, so much power in it, that it gave the whole game an element that I think it has been missing over the course of the years. 

I’ve wanted this game since it was first announce as Versus XIII, but it wasn’t until this trailer that I that I thought yes, this is going to be a story, an adventure that I want to take part of. This is something that I want to experience, not just play. This is FINAL FANTASY and I’m excited for Sept. 30, 2016. Hope to experience it all with you guys


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