Uncharted 4

The new little teaser for uncharted 4 looks great. I love the way the trailer was cut, following that head or tails formula and also, the narration does a great job of building tension and just revealing the gist of what the story will probably be about. 

I’m excited but I have something to reveal.

I’ve never beaten an uncharted game

Like, I bought all of the first three, and played most of the way through the first and second one (only touched the third one for a bit but saw the ending and everything) . I love the story and the characters and the whole production of the game (it’s on its own level people), but I’ve never finished one game completely and that’s because of one reason.

The supernatural elements


I can’t handle them. Like, I can’t handle the horror elements. I get so freaked out and like, think its real or something that I just can’t play through those parts. I can fight pirates and random criminals but once they become zombies I peace out. 

Literally its a problem. I can’t even play Lugi’s mansion on my own because that game freaks the heck out of me. Seriously. Lugi’s mansion is its own brand of horror like, unnaturally cute but also ghoulish and freakish and eerie I JUST CAN NOT.


Shadow of the Colossus. I Adore that game but I haven’t beat it because the Colossus(i?) started to scare the crap out of me. 

Even levels of Mario Sunshine freaked me the heck out, especially the Boo hotel. Like what WHY. Why would they do this (side note, I’m pretty sure the Boo hotel is H.H Holme’s murder hotel in Chicago. Just saying.)


(WTFFF is that!!!)

So many games I haven’t been able to finish because they scare me. I was even going to stop playing the Life is strange horror scenes because I was freaked out, but I did it guys, I beat the game woot woot!

My goal now is to finish the first 3 uncharted games and then play the 4th. 


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