If you actually read any of the Tarzan novels (which I wouldn’t expect you to that shit was written in the early 1900s) you’d know the writer actually considered the “civilized” world of Europe to be inferior.

That’s an interesting note that I think is reflected (at least in the disney movie) with how Jane and her Dad stay in Africa with Tarzan, but I don’t think it really changes how it comes across or the fact that the only africans featured in the disney movie are animals. I mean already in the trailer they seem to be changing this last bit so that’s really encouraging.

Either way though, comparing cultures as civilized or inferior is an outdated mindset that is a product of its times. People are realizing its dumb to have that sort of mentally which is why the story is evolving as time changes. I’m just wondering how much evolving it can do.

As someone who adores classic movies, I know first hand that you can love something that is problematic but still acknowledge and point out the issues withinin it. Pointing out the flaws doesn’t mean you love it less, it just means you want it be and do better šŸ™‚


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