Final Fantasy XV Trailer Review

So last night Square Enix had their uncovered FFXV event where they showcased all the things that will exist within the realm of FFXV.

I have to say though I enjoyed all the stuff they showed about the movie and the anime, and even the tidbit about the demo, really it was the trailer that stole the show.

I’ve watched it now countless times and I’m still in awe, still moved by just how well crafted it is. 

From the pacing, the the score, to Florence Welsh’s captivating rendition of Ben E. King’s Stand By me, to the voice acting in both the English and the Japanese version, what worked the best about the trailer was how moving it was. 

This trailer is emotional. It’s not just hey look at all these epic boss fights and combat, it’s characters, its relationships and its a hint of a journey. Regis’ narration, his letter essentially to his son (Notics) has so much feeling, so much power in it, that it gave the whole game an element that I think it has been missing over the course of the years. 

I’ve wanted this game since it was first announce as Versus XIII, but it wasn’t until this trailer that I that I thought yes, this is going to be a story, an adventure that I want to take part of. This is something that I want to experience, not just play. This is FINAL FANTASY and I’m excited for Sept. 30, 2016. Hope to experience it all with you guys


Uncharted 4

The new little teaser for uncharted 4 looks great. I love the way the trailer was cut, following that head or tails formula and also, the narration does a great job of building tension and just revealing the gist of what the story will probably be about. 

I’m excited but I have something to reveal.

I’ve never beaten an uncharted game

Like, I bought all of the first three, and played most of the way through the first and second one (only touched the third one for a bit but saw the ending and everything) . I love the story and the characters and the whole production of the game (it’s on its own level people), but I’ve never finished one game completely and that’s because of one reason.

The supernatural elements


I can’t handle them. Like, I can’t handle the horror elements. I get so freaked out and like, think its real or something that I just can’t play through those parts. I can fight pirates and random criminals but once they become zombies I peace out. 

Literally its a problem. I can’t even play Lugi’s mansion on my own because that game freaks the heck out of me. Seriously. Lugi’s mansion is its own brand of horror like, unnaturally cute but also ghoulish and freakish and eerie I JUST CAN NOT.


Shadow of the Colossus. I Adore that game but I haven’t beat it because the Colossus(i?) started to scare the crap out of me. 

Even levels of Mario Sunshine freaked me the heck out, especially the Boo hotel. Like what WHY. Why would they do this (side note, I’m pretty sure the Boo hotel is H.H Holme’s murder hotel in Chicago. Just saying.)


(WTFFF is that!!!)

So many games I haven’t been able to finish because they scare me. I was even going to stop playing the Life is strange horror scenes because I was freaked out, but I did it guys, I beat the game woot woot!

My goal now is to finish the first 3 uncharted games and then play the 4th. 

If you actually read any of the Tarzan novels (which I wouldn’t expect you to that shit was written in the early 1900s) you’d know the writer actually considered the “civilized” world of Europe to be inferior.

That’s an interesting note that I think is reflected (at least in the disney movie) with how Jane and her Dad stay in Africa with Tarzan, but I don’t think it really changes how it comes across or the fact that the only africans featured in the disney movie are animals. I mean already in the trailer they seem to be changing this last bit so that’s really encouraging.

Either way though, comparing cultures as civilized or inferior is an outdated mindset that is a product of its times. People are realizing its dumb to have that sort of mentally which is why the story is evolving as time changes. I’m just wondering how much evolving it can do.

As someone who adores classic movies, I know first hand that you can love something that is problematic but still acknowledge and point out the issues withinin it. Pointing out the flaws doesn’t mean you love it less, it just means you want it be and do better 🙂

Legend of Tarzan: Trailer Review

The CG looks vaguely disgusting in this trailer, like that eerie in between of unsettlingly realistic and horrifically cartoonish. That being said there was an excitement that seemed to persist throughout the trailer.

Whether it was the dramatic pacing of the drums pounding in your ears, or the general heart racing anticipation one feels at seeing Christoph Waltz (please can someone make a film –mainly a musical– where all it is is Christph Waltz doing character skits with Ralph Fiennes and blaring ballads at one another -thank you in advance-)  as a villain in a film, this trailer got me excited for a film I honestly didn’t care for upon seeing the first trailer.

Yes, I love Disney’s Trazan but I’m kind of just sick of seeing various savior stories where either Africans (the Africans in tarzan being the animals, the only native “Africans” depicted in the disney film) as a people are being degraded or liberated, or their country is being violated and pillaged. Fiction’s great and all, but aren’t people tired of seeing European colonization and genocide being both glorified and then, unequally condemned with the “one good white guy” who spoke up when the bullies were at it again story, cus I know I sure am. In this case it seems they are redirecting the savior story by having Jane being the object of gratification, thanks for that, we women sure do like to be saved just like us Africans do. T.T

But with any retellings there needs to be a reason, otherwise its just a washout version of the original. Having watched a few tidbits of the original Trazan films–and man oh man those film–it seems like Trazan only gets more socially conscientious as it gets reinvented. Even so, as the heart of the tale is based on a savior narrative, I think the story can only do so much evolving before its narrative becomes outdated. Here’s to seeing how much painstaking effort they go through to avoid being racially insensitive (such as maybe making Jane and not Africa being the one needing saving) . But like I said, that’s gonna be hard to do with the origins of the story being so rooted in a racist narrative (Come on guys, Tarzan is a white guy raised in Africa who goes to Europe acting and talking like a monkey. According to the original writers of the story, that African culture is “uncivilized” and “brutish”. I’ve read enough Heart of Darkness and Doctor Moreau to see thinly veiled racism when it appears. T.T) [note: I haven’t actually read the original Tarzan books but like I said, the heart of the story transcends the revisions. It’s there in plain sight no matter how you dress it.]

Here’s to hoping they succeed though, ( the scene with Jane about to spit on that Clayton character looks to be an encouraging sign of her strength as a character, but Jane in the Disney film was a badass herself so that’s not really reinventing the wheel). If this film gets some Phil Colins and a few verses of an original song, I might just drag myself to the theater to watch it, but as for now that was a solid trailer with a lot of potential–the only problem is the scale is swinging both ways here.

Hopefully the writers of the story can spruce up the tale so its not so ugly as its original. And maybe fix some of CG while you’re at it. It’s 2016. No one should have to deal with racial insensitivity let alone bad CGI, but as time persists, unfortunately many have to deal with both.

This trailer gets 3 Makeovers and 1 Assimilation Montage.




Watch the Trailer here: