Noctis and Luna

I haven’t done fan art since high school. In fact, I used to be known as the “naruto” girl because I would draw the characters and rotate them every week in my locker…at least, that’s what the one kid told me so I don’t know if that was fame, notoriety or just that one kid. Anyway, when Square said they wanted fan art for FFXV uncovered I was like….no wait. I can’t–I must. I HAVE to!

I’ve been waiting for this game since since i was 11. 11 guys. I’ve basically grown up waiting for this game. It’s finally gonna come out this year and the excitement is REAL.

So yes, I did it. A little tear dropped knowing I was drawing Luna instead of Stella, but hopefully Luna will be a formidable replacement for the badass chick we saw but never got to truly know. This one’s for you StellaLuna ❤

My one regret about the loss of versus is that it wasn’t the musical that Noruma wanted. It should be a musical. Everything should be a musical basically.


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