5 Things in the Shadowhunters TV show I like better than in the books

It’s Tuesday and guess what that means….

TMI Tuesday 

Yup, a new episode of Shadowhunters is coming out today. Normally I would be anticipating the new episode with a mixture of dread and hope. The last episode didn’t have things looking to good, seeing as there were random footage of college students larping as Circle members (what was that about?) that kept popping up throughout the episode.

It was like Valentine got a hold of our TVs this time instead of Clary’s necklace transmissions .


Jokes aside, I actually am looking forward to this episode. I saw a few teasers for it (a hilarious one with of course, Alec in it and a Clary and Jace moment that actually had me smiling) and I’m looking forward to what the episode has in store. 

So, with that in mind, here are 5 things from the Shadowhunters show that I like more than in the books


1. Alec

Alec was a jerk in the books. I only tolerated him because of Magnus and after what he did in book 6–yeah I tolerated him a lot less. 

The Alec in the show though–man he’s been great lately. Aside from Simon, Matthew Daddario has been stealing all the funny lines and he just has an overall presence that makes the show much more enjoyable to watch.

2. Simon

Okay, don’t kill me, but I thought Simon was SUPER annoying in the books. He was hilarious by the third which was when I started liking him, but as a extreme Clace shipper HE WAS IN THE WAY lol. In the show though, I completely adore him. He’s so funny, and Alberto Rosende is just such an outstanding actor. I love every scene with him.

3. Maureen

She was annoying and creepy in the books. In the show, she’s actually cute and funny and also a good actor. I approve. 

Speaking of Maureen, doesn’t Simon’s relationship with characters remind you of Mark’s from Rent? Also, doesn’t Simon remind you of Mark from Rent? Basically, Shadowhunters should become a musical


4. Clary 

Okay, this is half and half. Clary was more funny and interesting in the books, but she was also a really passive character for a long time. I like how the show tried to make her more proactive. She’s actually killing demons and doing things. That being said, she’s doing it at a pace that’s completely unrealistic. Clary book relied on her wits to survive in the Shadow world. Clary show? Well, yeah I’m not sure how she’s still alive at this point. Though, seeing how competent the circle members are–yeah never mind, it makes sense.

5. Simon’s Mom

I tried. I really tried with the last one but this was all I could come up with. That being said, she was mean 😦 This mom already seems more understanding. 


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