Trailer Review: Sing (2016)

I smiled. That was my first reaction for this; It was noticing the odd twitching of my lips and the realization that yes–I was amused.

I give this trailer kudos for that, becuase if you dont know I actually despise animal movies. Yes I adore the Lion King, Finding Nemo,  Fantastic Mr. Fox and maybe a few others I can’t name off the top of my head, but those movies never felt like animal movies to me. Those animals felt individuals with their own personalities and interests, and–most importantly, their “animalness” wasn’t a running gag through the film. I’m not sure if Sing will do any that, but here’s to hoping.

The Trailer:

This trailer was irrelevant.

There was no information given about what the movie was about (other than the fact that there is a singing competition where haha animals will sing). This gag is pretty much the whole trailer.

This is about how impressed I am


Did it make me want to see it? No

Did it make me laugh? Yes.

Those bunnies popping to Nikki and that pig in a sweat suit was pretty funny, but overall I feel like this might work better as a 30 minute skit then an actual movie. American Idol auditions are only ever funny for the first half hour you know. But hey, maybe this movie will be a musical? Here’s to hoping.

Verdit: make it a dystopian allegory

This trailer gets one cursed boar


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