Please stop

I’ve been reading/watching reviews of The Fifth Wave (most of which are highly negative) and I’ve got say Hollywood, please stop adapting YA novels into films. And I’m saying this as a big YA fan. 

You’re making us all look bad.

The Problem?

Hollywood is adapting older YA books that focus on dystopias and love triangles and insta-love into films when, more and more in the YA, these trends are moving out of favor.


It’s all about timing and honestly, you missed the boat when it came to adapting books like the Fifth Wave into a movie. The Hungers Games: that was good timing, Twilight that was good timing but now–now is not the time to be releasing adaptations of generic dystopian YA. 

Get with the times. Right now in YA, people are talking about diversity, from stories about minorities, LGBTQ characters to characters with disabilities. 


Freeform’s Recovery Road is a great example of a newly adapted YA book done right. Where in shows like Shadowhunters (by Freeform again but a different team), the diversity stinks of studio heads wanting to slip in token minority characters to appeal to audiences (at least they know what’s up), in Recovery Road the changes genuinely work to bring more life and breath to the work and characters themselves, and that’s what makes the show so great. 

Studio heads should be wise to the changes going on in TV and the YA scene. Instead of optioning the same generic stories that have come and went within the YA scene, they should look at the books being written by diverse authors and about diversity, and make them into one of their next blockbuster films.

Diversity in YA isn’t a trend, but if you’re in the profession of chasing them, I would suggest not missing out on the diverse stories being released in YA today, because if you do then you aren’t  just missing the boat–you’re missing out on a movement.


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