Repost: Jungle Book Trailer Review

(tumblr was acting weird and was sourcing this post as belonging to youtube. Ummmm I’m pretty sure I wrote this review.)

Trailer Review: The Jungle Book (2015)

This is a good trailer, but I’m confused.

What I like:

Scarlett Johansson’s voice over: I love her voice

the color palette of the movie: like the dark greens and golds

the voice over with the cuts: fits nicely

Lupita’s in it. Yayayayaya

What I don’t like:

Scarlett Johansson’s voice over with the snake: I’m guessing her character is the snake in this movie??? but like, it felt off for some reason

The dark tone: is this a children’s movie? because it doesn’t feel like a children’s movie. It feels your generic post Dark Night superhero trailer with the dark undertones and the unsettling origin story but like…for kids???

 isn’t the jungle book supposed to be about some happy kid with his tiger friend (or something like that?) who sings with him and stuff. I mean, that’s what I remember from vaguely watching it as a kid (I’ve always hated movies where animals talk-except for the Lion king which I adore, and finding nemo and a few others–basically the movies where they don’t just feel like talking animals)

I’m confused by what this movie is trying to do. Who is it trying to appeal to? Adults? to their nostalgia? to kids? to action movie watchers?? Who?

Summary: this trailer, while good, confuses me. It’s not an action movie, not children’s movie not really anything, especially since no plot of any sort was revealed in the trailer.

Final Score:

3 Confused Cosmos: make this movie into a musical.


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