Trailer Review:  Suicide Squad Trailer 2

It started with Dark Knight of course, but then you had Man of Steel which was essentially a bore fest, and Avengers Age of Ultron with it brooding prepubescent “everything sucks, I can’t trust anyone” plot. 


(I see you Hulk and Black Widow)

With that in mind, I’m really enjoying the different direction the Suicide Squad Trailer  is taking with its tone.


Unlike Guardians (which I enjoyed) which was almost straight a narrow on the comedy side and Ant Man (which I haven’s seen but god help me I’ve seen the trailers) which (at least in its trailers) seemed on the campy gags side, Suicide Squad’s new trailer seemed to be having all the fun a good super hero movie needs to be at least somewhat enjoyable while maintain the dark and complexities of its characters.  

The choice of Bohemian Rhapsody really worked to convey the dual tones potentially working in this film. It’s fun, but it’s also very twisted and tragic at the same time.

I haven’t been excited for a super hero villain movie in a while, but this it’s shaping up to be something great. Fingers crossed and four and a half teenage suicides (don’t do it) to this trailer.


Check out the new trailer in all its glory


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