If this is a musical it will be EVERYTHING

Hello all, it’s time for a trailer review. Today, I’ll be doing a quick review of the trailer for “Chi-raq”

First of all, I saw this trailer because I was browsing on youtube and the girl’s braid in it were so on fleek that I had to click it, even despite my normal misgivings of nick cannon being in a movie

But man, I really enjoyed the trailer for this movie.

What I liked:

The production!!

The costumes look gorgeous in this film, the lighting and dramatic sets (like the gym scene where they are making their declarations to have sex until their men stop being violent) were really great. The trailer had that great edge of comedy and seriousness that I always love in a movie. 


The verse

This is more from the clip than the trailer but, if this movie is in verse and a musical it will be everything. Musicals, if you don’t know, are pretty much my life and I adore them–for the most part–and having a modern musical with a largely African american cast–when most of the musicals made during their hayday in the 50s were primarily white (I see you there Carmen Jones ) would be amazing. I’m not over musicals yet and I’m always hoping they’ll be re-embraced by the public!


The Actors-

Except for the trailers I’m pretty much really excited about all the actors that might appear in this movie. ( Is it just me or is black cinema really a community ….maybe because you usually have to shove all the amazing black actors/actress in one movie for them to get a role….At least there’s television )


I mean, most of the lead women I have no idea who they were, but Jennifer Hudson, Samuel L Jackson and John Cusack  in a movie with all these other great actors (not to mention Spike Lee seems to have something to do with this) sounds great. 


The trailer’s pacing

All this added with a trailer it exactly the right amount of funny and serious has really got me hooked. Though I did get over the repeated mention of Chi-raq in the title (reminded me of this trailer if you know what I mean), I have to say I’m super excited about this movie and will defiantly keep it on my list (I see you list). This movie trailer gets four sparkling diamonds


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