Maybe it’s cus you’re ugly

So I started watching Regin again and blahahahahah this show.

Season 2 Episode 18

Bash kills Clarissa cus the writers need to tie up loose ends and the other girl’s like

“You saved her from so much future suffering”

Like wtf. Are we supposed to sympathize with him for murdering an innocent girl just because she was scared? Is the healer lady saying that because Clarissa isn’t traditionally attractive (like everyone else in this show) she can’t live? 


WTF what is thisssss????


Difret Trailer Review

Trailer Review: Difret (2014)

Woah, this looks like a really powerful movie. I checked on IMDB and it looks like it came out last year?

What I like: The movie takes place in Ethiopia and, if you notice my previous post about British accents=foreign accidents, you won’t be surprised that I’m super excited that this isn’t in English/ with British accents. I’m actually not sure what language it is in (a quick google search tells me that the official language of Ethiopia is Amharic but I’m not sure if that’s the specific dialect they’re speaking in this movie)

The movie seems interesting, and I also think the trailer is good. It has a nice pacing to it, all the intrigue and the emotion seems honest and not trying to manipulate the viewer with music or anything like that. It also might just be that subject matter is so intriguing but yeah, I’m definitely interested!

What I didn’t like:

I think the characters are kind of brushed over in this. I’m not sure if this is going to be about Hirut (I think that’s her name???) or about the trial. IDK though, it is a trailer.

Summary: Good trailer, interesting topic count me in!

Final Score:

3 Pensive Josephine Bakers


Trailer Reviews Intro

Back when I used to have this thing called free time (ie, in high shcool), one of my favorite things to do was just sit for hours watching the new movie trailers that IMDB posted up. Though their new trailer section is no longer infinite and wonderful, I though that since I’m up at the ye odd hours of the night, I might as well watch a few new ones. As such, here’s this is the intro for my new trailers review segment that I’m starting hence forth. To the trailers!

Winner’s Curse


Beautiful YA Book Covers → The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski

cover art © Elizabeth H. Clark

Can someone invent time travel so I can go back in time and read the first two books again? But will that mean I’ll have the memories that came with it? Okay, I’m gonna invent time travel so I can go to the future and read this book.

Oh wait, the winner’s kiss is coming out soon you say?


March 1, 2016?


Yup, time travel it is. Lucky for me someone trapped all the past events in the pages of a book. I’ll be back there until March 1, 2016.