In which I introduce myself, sort of…

The hardest part of the race: beginning it

I always suck at beginnings, specifically written ones. Be it a paper or essay for school, a book or short story I’m working on or a drawing, I just can’t seem to organize my scattered thoughts and ideas into physical manifestations of what I envision them to be. Starting is hard, which is why it’s taken me so long to finally make a blog, even though I’ve wanted to for so long, which is why this first post is even harder for me. How should I start, with an introduction, a quote? A meme? A part of me wants to just skip all of these formalities and get to the meat of it, start my first blog post and wait and see where it goes from there. However, I think a brief introduction is in order.

My name is Elizabeth-call me Liz– I’m a student, and I love movies, books, video games and art. So, essentially you’re just like everyone else with a blog, you ask. Yes, I am, and like most people with blogs, I have opinions. Silly opinions of course, that for some reason I feel I should voice online. But it’s not just that. Really, to tell you the truth, I want to write this blog because I want to talk. I love when I’ve just finished watching a movie or reading a book and I go online and other people are talking about it. Basically, I want to be in the conversation. So that’s what I’d like this blog to be. It’s not a personal blog, it’s a blog in which I discuss the things in pop culture that other people are talking about or should be talking about. So with that in mind I will finish up the rest of this post in lists, because I know before I actually read blog posts, I scan them quickly for some information here and there that I can pick up, and then, if I feel like it, I actually read the post.

What is this blog about?

I’ll be talking about books(mostly Young Adult), movies, tv shows, and video games mainly. Some posts might just be my opinion on them, others might me looking at what other people are saying about them. What I’m aiming for is less of a critique on certain things and more of a ‘my thoughts on….’ kind of approach. With that in mind I’d just like to say thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon! 😉

End Note: I realized my list was just one thing. I guess it’s not a list after all!


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