Anything but Blue

I’m making art again, or rediscovering/exploring it what have you. For a long time now, I’ve dedicated most of my free time to writing, but I’ve always wanted to mix the two some way or another. How will I do that?

Stay tuned to find out…

Anyway, here’s the piece. It was an interesting process and so much fun doing character design again. I can’t tell you how much fan art/ fake manga I used to make as a kid (actually I can but that’s a story for another blog post). This was just as fun to work on. By the end, I couldn’t exactly choose which piece I wanted.


Which one is your favorite?




Two days in a row! That’s a new streak for me.

Today’s 15 minute drawing challenge was:


Reference photo: Jessica

Pose: profile


Negative space (haha didn’t do that…)

Book; cover

Color (I realize I can’t really add color since I’m only using pens for these so sure)

And the final result is:

Figuring out art again

I’m trying something new (again? I know but you can’t quit/forget about a project if you don’t start it, am I right?). So I’m giving myself 15 minutes to do a sketch based off a composition, concept, and color every day. And then once a week, I’m going to select one of the drawings and fully realize it. So…let’s see how long this lasts… #15Csaday #1sketchadaychallenge

It’s been forever

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a watercolor. Welp, that all changed when my computer died on me again. Writers, creatives, please always back up your files. Since this hasn’t been the first time this has happened to me, I’d already saved my work on the cloud. But yesh. It would have been a travesty if I hadn’t. Anyway, instead of writing or using my computer, I spent my day watching the World Cup and drawing. Here are the sketches I did and the final watercolors.

mona small.jpg20180622_231930_0001 mini.jpg20180622_232037_0002 mini.jpg


#SketchyReviews Introduction

I’ve been thinking and talking about @brownbookworm ‏’s thread about reviews (which you can find here)  and I just really feel the need to up my game and pick up something I used to enjoy which is writing reviews. I already have my trailer review series (which you can find here in the archives) and I will probably be picking that up again as I dip back into trailer watching, but something I want to dedicate more of my time to is reading works by black creators and just talking about them, dissecting them, falling in love, critiquing, and sharing my thoughts. It’s something that’s sorely been lacking on my part and I really want to make a better effort at it. So, with that in mind, I’ll be continuing (or starting in this case) a series where I listen to audiobooks, make art, and write reviews.

The first of these I ever did was for We’ve Got a Job and Brown Girl Dreaming which you can find here. Currently, I’m reading When I was the Greatest by Jason Reynolds (which I am loving) and I’ll pick up more books as I go.

Image result for jason reynolds when i was the greatest

Right now, my audiobooks are limited to what’s available on Overdrive which basically lets you borrow books from your public library. While it’s a great resource, the only caveat is that there are very few audiobooks available (at least in the YA space and definitely in terms of recent titles) that are written by black writers. The good part about it though is that I’ll be able to leave reviews for older titles and more obscure books so at least there’s that!

A brief summary of how this works

I pick an audiobook

Start a drawing

and then hopefully, I will finish that initial drawing before the audio book ends unlike my first attempt which took me 2 audiobooks to finish 1 drawing.

By the halfway point of the audiobook, I’ll start a new drawing based on the book I’m reading. I want to specifically do that because there’s already so little fan art made based off books by black creators so I thought, why not kill two birds and all that jazz.

I’m currently on chapter 1 of When I Was the Greatest and this is the art piece I’m working on now.


It’s a drawing I made from Inktober but never got to post because my computer messed up during that time. While I’m listening to the audiobook, I want to make an illustrated version of this. So far, my thoughts on When I Was the Greatest are that I love the characters and I really don’t want any of them getting hurt. Also, can I pleaze get a Stranger Things remix of this book?  THNX.

You can follow my art/reading progress via the #SketchyReviews hashtag and once I finish, I’ll post the final piece and review.